Can you give the gift of an hour?

Your support of the tax charities, TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People, allows us to provide our tax helpline services resolving tax issues, overturning tax debt and refunding overpaid tax— stopping vulnerable people from falling into further financial hardship. You can help us to continue our services, and to grow and improve the ways we support, advocate, and educate vulnerable people through the complex tax system.

Last year we helped to generate £628,240 in tax refunds for people in financial hardship and remitted £834,557 of their tax debt.

Ben’s story: Clearing his debts due to terminal illness

Your support will help people like Ben, who following a diagnosis with terminal cancer, cashed in his pension and cleared his debts to help his wife. Ben had filled in his tax return incorrectly and ended up with a tax debt of £54,000. Ben told us he was extremely anxious about the bailiffs coming to his home. Jane, one of our volunteers, helped Ben to resubmit his tax return correctly. His tax demand was cancelled and he even received a tax refund of £2,500.

Ben said in an email: ‘Thank you so very much, for your help and the incredible news. Your call has lifted an incredible weight from our shoulders. The stress was affecting my wife’s health as well as my own.  I will never tire of saying thank you to you and all within your group of marvellous people.’

Jane, the volunteer for Tax Help for Older People commented ‘There is a very large number of people who are conscientiously doing their best to meet their tax obligations but need some help. Tax Help provides an essential service for this group of people.’

Can you donate your last hour?

TaxAid and Tax Help are the only charities providing specialist tax help for people across the UK. Your generous support enables us to continue and grow our services, reaching more people who need our help. Together, we can stop vulnerable people, like Ben, from falling into further financial hardship paying tax debts that they do not owe. Please donate your last hour’s pay this Christmas.

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